If you call to book an appointment you will in the first instance receive a phone call from a GP, who will then decide whether you need to attend the surgery. This is in an effort to keep everybody safe and reduce the transmission of the Coronavirus.

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Our practice is inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure we are meeting essential standards of quality and safety.

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Welcome To The Practice

Your Home Visit - What to Expect

You have been booked a home visit by your GP Practice. To help protect staff and our patients, there are a few small differences to your usual home visit.

Please click here for full details (PDF, 71KB)

Our Contact Details

14 Institute Road,

Telephone: 01274 637417
Fax: 01274 640316

Extended Access Service

This practice is part of the extended access service which provides GP, Physiotherapy, Nurse, and Health care assistant appointments from the following locations (hubs) across Bradford:

  1. North hub: Shipley Medical Practice, Alexandra Road, Shipley, Bradford BD18 3EG
  2. Central hub: Picton Medical Centre, Westbourne Green Community Health Care Centre, Manningham, Bradford, BD8 8RA
  3. South hub: The Ridge Medical Practice, Cousen Road, Bradford, BD7 3JX

As a patient registered with this practice, you have access to the following:

Weekday appointments

Evening appointments (6.30pm – 9.30pm) at any of the three hubs to see one of the following, subject to availability:

  • GP
  • Physiotherapist
  • Nurse
  • Health care assistant
  • Voluntary sector services

Weekend appointments

Weekend appointments are available with a GP from 10.00am - 1.00pm on Saturdays and Sundays from the central hub, subject to availability.

More information about appointments with the extended access service.

The service is run by Bradford Care Alliance, which represents all GP practices in the Bradford area. Medical appointments are with GPs and other healthcare staff who work in the area; so your appointment may not be with a Clinician from this practice.

To use the service we will ask for your consent to share your medical record and our reception staff will explain what this means and why it is necessary. Click here to learn more about how and why we process your information.

Further details of the services and location maps are available here.

There is a measles outbreak in Bradford. For signs and symptoms of measles please visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/measles/#symptoms-of-measles

If you think you have measles please inform reception staff immediately!

You can then be seen in a separate room to stop the infection spreading to others.

Measles. Don’t let your child catch it - get them vaccinated  with the MMR vaccine

Measles symptoms include: high fever; sore, red, watery eyes; coughing; aching and feeling generally unwell; a blotchy red brown rash, which usually appears after the initial symptoms.

The number of young people catching measles has risen. It’s never too late to be vaccinated. You need two doses of MMR one month apart to be fully protected against measles, mumps and rubella.

It’s time to make measles a disease of the past.

If you have symptoms of measles, stay at home and phone your GP or NHS 111 for advice. STAY AWAY from GP surgeries and A&E departments - you could spend the illness to others.

For more information contact your local GP surgery or visit www.nhs.uk/mmr

Statement of Intent


GP system supplier:
System One

Plan to meet GMS/PMS 2015-16 Contractual Requirement for Patient Online Service.

This practice plans to offer the facility for patients to view online, export or print detailed coded information held in their own records from 1st April 2016.

These dates are subject to the necessary NHS GP systems and software being available to the practice.

This practice currently offers the facility for patients:

  • To book, view, amend, cancel and print appointments online.
  • To order online, view and print a list of repeat prescriptions for drugs , medicines or appliances.
  • To view online, export or print summary information from their record, relating to medications, allergies, adverse reactions and any other items agreed between the practice and individual patient.

We will publicise and promote our online services to our patients through the practice website, practice waiting room leaflets and PPG group by 1st April 2016.

Connected Yorkshire

Connected Yorkshire is a new project that brings together information from GP practices in Bradford with information from other parts of the health system, such as Bradford Teaching Hospitals and Bradford Council. This allows the health system to make sure services are more joined-up, and helps us understand where we can improve care for patients.

There will be no identifiable information (such as names, date of birth, address) available to the Connected Yorkshire project, so patient confidentiality and privacy will be protected.

For more information, contact your Practice Manager or visit www.connectedhealthcities.org

Repeat prescriptions are changing

From 1st November 2016 pharmacies and dispensing companies will be phasing in a new system which means that soon they will no longer be able to order medicines on your behalf. You will need to order your repeat prescription directly from your GP surgery.

There are different ways to order including:

  • Online on your computer or by downloading the SystmOnline app on your mobile phone or tablet device
  • Handing in the white, tear-off part of your repeat prescription to your surgery
  • Letter to your surgery

Speak to your GP practice reception and pick up a leaflet if you need more information and want to understand the reasons for this change.

View Your Medical Records, Book Appointments, and Order Prescriptions Online

The Practice is pleased to provide patients with access to its Clinical System via a Secure Web Interface.

You can view your medical records, book and cancel your appointments and request repeat medication online. To do this you need to register with the practice and obtain a password to enable you to access this service. Once your registration account is created you will need to come into the surgery with your passport or driving license so that your account can be activated you will be able to use the system to book and cancel appointments and request repeat medication as required. Please complete an application form available from reception.

If you already have your password then you can click the link below to access Systm Online.

click here for online access

Our team aims to work together to provide all our patients with the best possible medical care, combining a friendly personal service with high clinical standards. Our Practice offers different services including Health Visitors, District Nurses, Podiatry and School Health.

The Practice has male GPs and 2 female Nurse Practitioners; a Practice Nurse and two health care assistants. A podiatrist, the District Nurse team and a Health Visitor also have sessions at the surgery. We are not a training practice. The practice is not a limited Partnership. We have full disabled access.

We hope to use our website as a way of presenting our patients with an up to date resource for all information relating to our Practice. We will keep it current with any news, developments, and details that are relevant to the Practice and our patients. As well as a source of information about our Practice, the staff and the services we provide, we hope you use the website as a useful resource with links to other reliable websites for health related information. If there is topical health information we will also add this to the website.

Electronic Prescription Service

The Eccleshill Medical Practice start to use the Electronic Prescription Service on 17/09/2015

The Electronic Prescription Service allows your prescription to be sent electronically to a pharmacy of your choice.

To sign up, you need to speak to your preferred pharmacy and complete a form to confirm that they can receive your prescription directly.

Once you have signed up, your chosen pharmacy will receive your prescription electronically and you will not have to pick up your paper prescription from us.

If you have already nominated a pharmacy, from 17/09/15, your prescription will be sent to them electronically unless you tell us otherwise. If you need to obtain a paper prescription for any reason, just let us know at the time of ordering.

This service is optional and you can continue to collect paper prescriptions as you do now if you prefer.

For more information, please speak to your pharmacist or a member of reception.

A new way to get your medicines and appliances

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is an NHS service. It gives you the chance to change how your GP sends your prescription to the place you choose to get your medicines or appliances from.

What does this mean for you?

  • If you collect your repeat prescriptions from your GP you will not have to visit your GP practice to pick up your paper prescription. Instead, your GP will send it electronically to the place you choose, saving you time.
  • You will have more choice about where to get your medicines from because they can be collected from a pharmacy near to where you live, work or shop.
  • You may not have to wait as long at the pharmacy as there will be time for your repeat prescriptions to be ready before you arrive.

Is this service right for you?

Yes, if you have a stable condition and you:

  • don’t want to go to your GP practice every time to collect your repeat prescription.
  • collect your medicines from the same place most of the time or use a prescription collection service now.

It may not be if you:

  • don’t get prescriptions very often.
  • pick up your medicines from different places.

How can you use EPS?

You need to choose a place for your GP practice to electronically send your prescription to. This is called nomination. You can choose:

  • a pharmacy.
  • a dispensing appliance contractor (if you use one).
  • your dispensing GP practice (if you are eligible).

Ask any pharmacy or dispensing appliance contractor that offers EPS or your GP practice to add your nomination for you. You don’t need a computer to do this.

Can I change my nomination or cancel it and get a paper prescription?

Yes you can. If you don’t want your prescription to be sent electronically tell your GP. If you want to change or cancel your nomination speak to any pharmacist or dispensing appliance contractor that offers EPS, or your GP practice.Tell them before your next prescription is due or your prescription may be sent to the wrong place.

Is EPS reliable, secure and confidential?

Yes. Your electronic prescription will be seen by the same people in GP practices, pharmacies and NHS prescription payment and fraud agencies that see your paper prescription now. Sometimes dispensers may see that you have nominated another dispenser. For example, if you forget who you have nominated and ask them to check or, if you have nominated more than one dispenser.Dispensers will also see all the items on your reorder slip if you are on repeat prescriptions.

For more information visit www.hscic.gov.uk/epspatients, your pharmacy or GP practice.

April 2013 ref:4742

View your GP record online wherever you are

Did you know, you can access GP services from your computer, tablet or mobile phone online?

  • Book appointments online
  • View your GP record online
  • Renew prescription online

What is Patient Online

Patient Online will help you to take greater control of your health and wellbeing by increasing online access to services.

You have been telling us that you want to be offered more convenience, choice and control in how you access GP services. Increasingly, you also want to be informed and involved in decisions about your own care and treatment.

Evidence shows that patients who are informed and involved in their own care have better health outcomes and are less likely to be admitted to hospital.

Making sure everybody is included

We recognise that computers, tablets and smart phones are not a substitute for visiting or phoning your practice and other health services, and that many people do not have access to computers or online services.

To help address this, NHS England is delivering a national programme of training in digital skills and access to technology, aimed at people who might otherwise not be able to use services online.

Visit www.ukonlinecentres.com or phone 0800 77 1234 to find out more.

For more information about Patient Online, visit www.england.nhs.uk/patient-online

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